MORELLI LAW provides services in the following areas and can tailor these services to the needs of your business.  We can work with you on a project-by-project basis or on a longer term engagement basis depending on your needs.


Compliance with laws, rules, and regulations is both required and expected business behavior. Often, companies who start as small businesses and grow quickly outstrip their ability to develop the systems and culture necessary to instill within their companies the tools and attitudes necessary to have a successful compliance program. MORELLI LAW recognizes that a “one size fits all” approach doesn’t work for all companies and can help you design a plan for your particular needs.


A slightly more formal approach than mentoring, coaching can be used for your high-potential in-house legal team–particularly those serving as a General Counsel or senior lawyer–to help them improve and polish communication and interaction skills, how to work with other senior leaders in your organization effectively, and most importantly for family-owned businesses, how to interact with the business owners to give the best legal advice while understanding the unique aspects of family ownership and its dynamics. Often senior lawyers need to learn the proper balance of being able to have the tough conversation with the owner of the business while still advancing the financial interest of the business. MORELLI LAW brings years of experience to this area and can help both lawyers and owners improve this crucial and important piece to making your legal function be as productive to your business as possible. 


Ethical conduct is the backbone of successful businesses. It can determine the type of culture you have within your organization, the level of respect and reputation your business achieves within your community and the guiding tenets for your employees to follow as they help your business grow and succeed. Developing an ethics program in connection with your compliance program can mean the difference between merely “doing things right” and “doing the right thing” and can also significantly lessen the risk of illegal or inappropriate conduct from damaging all your business has worked so hard to build. MORELLI LAW can help you assess your current ethics program and work with you to assure your culture and program effectively sends the message of ethical behavior you want to achieve. 


Private companies, particularly those owned and managed by families, bring a unique set of challenges to the provision of legal services and advice. The family overlay to a business organization can sometimes make decision making for the business include a difficult set of variables and considerations which can put the family interests and the company interests in competition with one another. Sorting through these issues, particularly in the way lawyers interact with the owners and provide advice, can be crucial to both the success of the business and the long-term success of the family dynamics of the business. MORELLI LAW can help you improve how these dynamics are understood and dealt with within your organization and can also provide guidance to your legal team on ways to best work within the family dynamics present in your business.  


Often, a high potential employee or a “next generation” family member in a family-owned business needs an outside ear to talk with to help sort through internal company dynamics, interpersonal relationships, communication style and tone issues, and ways to be a more effective leader within an organization. MORELLI LAW can provide formal or informal approaches to mentoring which can provide an additional resource to assist your company without the long-term commitment of adding additional full-time staff to your organization.